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Center for Plant Conservation National Meeting

Every year, the Center for Plant Conservation convenes a meeting of its Participating Institutions. The conservation professionals working at the botanic gardens and plant conservation organizations dedicated to saving plants from extinction come together for a three-day conference to share and learn from each other the cutting-edge science and technology used to save rare and endangered flora. The conference consists of workshops, presentations and field trips.

Join us May 3-5, 2018 in Fort Worth, Texas at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas


This year CPC’s National Meeting will be traveling to the Lone Star State, to the campus of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas (BRIT). BRIT is home to the 9th largest herbarium in the country with almost 1.5 million specimens, and is housed in a LEED Platinum certified building. BRIT scientists document the diversity of plant life and conduct research around the world in order to fulfill their mission “to conserve our natural heritage by deepening our knowledge of the plant world and achieving public understanding of the value plants bring to life.” BRIT shares its grounds and education programing with the Fort Worth Botanic Garden, the oldest botanic garden in Texas. This annual three-day conference brings together the leaders in plant conservation at the CPC Participating Institutions (PI) to share and learn cutting-edge science and technology used to save rare and endangered flora.

Sessions will include updates on the “State of CPC”, as well as presentations from BRIT, PI Conservation Officers, and CPC network partners on plant conservation accomplishments and challenges. This year we will continue working on updating CPC Best Practices and learn about new tools on the CPC website. Thursday’s Star Award Dinner will be held at BRIT and honor those who demonstrate the concern, cooperation, and personal investment to conserve our imperiled native plants. Saturday’s field trip to the Eagle Mountain Park will showcase local botanical wonders.

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